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candids/cant be tamed ¢¾ May. 1st. 5:27pm

Miley was out with her producer Antonia today. You can view pictures by clicking the thumbnails below! Also REMEMBER! MILEYS NEW SINGLE CANT BE TAMED IS OUT ON THE RADIO!!!!! REQUEST IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!! GET IT TO #1!

all at justjaredjr.com
Posted By: Nix <3
candids/new album ¢¾ April. 26th. 4:42pm

So sorry for not updating! i lost the password. anywayz, check out these recent candids of Miley and Demi Lovato at beverly Hills!

more at x17online

And Mileys new album will be released on June 22 new single can be heard on Myspace on April 30th! Music vid for the new single on May 4th with a sneak peak on May 3rd and the single will be available on itunes on May 18! Here is a bit more info

The new album will be available as a standalone CD, as well as a combo CD/DVD concert release. The DVD contains a full length, never-before-seen presentation from Miley’s sold-out worldwide “Miley World” tour. The concert will also be excerpted in a prime-time network special. Read more: here

Posted By: Nix <3
Out for Sushi/MMVA ¢¾ April. 9th. 9:10pm

Miley was out for Sushi with Liam today. Liam just came back from Australia and so i think they went out for a date ;) Check out the pictures by clicking the thumbnails below.

And and and EXCITING news for Canadian Miley fans. Miley will be the host of this years Much Music Video Awards!!! This is not 100% confirmed but most likely she will be! :D The awards will be on June 20th!

all at mileyimages.net
Posted By: Nix <3
The Last Song ¢¾ March. 31st. 7:38am

Wow! I am so excited that The Last Song is releasing TODAY! =) I hope that everyone that goes to see it has fun, and loves it!
Posted By: Mallory <3
WELCOME BACK! ¢¾ March. 30th. 8:37pm

Welcome back to the NEW and improved Miley C Hannah Fans!! I am hoping to get a new layout soon! =) Have fun!
Posted By: Mallory <3